Who Am I

I am a geospatial analyst/amateur programmer with an interest in understanding and using uncertainty in spatial analysis and more general data science. In my past life my career started as a Mining Engineer where I spent over 6 years working for Newmont Mining in the Carlin Surface mine planning department (Elko, NV, USA). I left Newmont and completed a M.Sc. at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB, CA) where I studied geospatial analysis at the Centre for Computational Geostatistics.
My research and post-graduate work has focused on my interest in understanding and using uncertainty in a geospatial analysis framework. In addition to my research, I worked with three other members of the research group to develop the python package PyGeostat to manage geostatistical workflows and to provide data visualization for geostatistics in a python environment.


Geospatial Analysis

Working at the University of Alberta in the Centre for Computational Geostatistics provided me with an amazing opportunity to gain a practical and theoretical background in geospatial analysis. There are many exciting areas of research that are taking place in the CCG, all with expanding our knowledge on how to deal with spatial modeling of multiple variables to correctly account for and manage the uncertainty that is inherent in geologic data.

Amateur Programming

As a self-taught programmer, my experience has been in developing within Python and Fortran. Most of my Python experience comes from developing (jointly with primarily 3 other student researchers) the geostatistical package "PyGeostat". Fortran gets me a lot of raised eyebrows. Yes fortran is still used today! albeit barely and almost exclusively in a academic/scientific programming setting. My thesis was based around developing an algorithm in Fortran for optimizing concurrently over many models to take into account uncertainty, all within the Mining/Geostatistical/Decision Making frameworks. I have since continued learning as a hobbyist to further expand my knowledge in programming and development.


As an Engineer with over 6 years of experience in the day to day operations of a major gold mine I developed myself both technically and as a leader. I am technically strong enough to help push projects through, yet with my calm and friendly nature I bring groups together into a well-rounded team to ensure goals are set and either achieved or exceeded.

Tyler Acorn